The new UK pharma Code

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By Dr R K Powar

The New UK pharma Code goes live on the 1st Jan 2011, following a transitional period and becoming fully operative on the 1st May 2011. It bans mugs, pens, pads, data sticks, diaries etc. It is believed that by removing the stigma attached to representatives being stationary providers, the image of the pharmaceutical industry will be improved.

This follows the Code placed in early 2009 by the US Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association, placing a suspension on the industry ‘gifting’ any branded items such as those listed above.

So what is going to be the outcome of the new ABPI Code? For example, it is believed that smaller items are unlikely to influence prescribing decisions, however, there are arguments to suggest that even trivial items can sway the attitudes and behaviours of physicians. Is access going to be a problem? Are the changes going to welcomed by physicians?

Dr R K Powar has over ten years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and provides a range of tailored programmes to develop staff to help an organisation improve on their Softer S’s skill base.

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