Pf Award Winner, Jo Kemp shares her reaction to winning two Pf Awards

Jo Kemp: Pf Awards 2020 Winner

Jo Kemp, Payer Engagement and Outstanding Performer Pf Awards 2020 Winner, shares her reaction to winning.

Did you watch the Pf Awards Ceremony?

Yes, I watched it remotely with all my Novartis colleagues who had been to the Pf Awards Assessment Day cross franchise, which was great as we rarely get to support each other at external events such as this. We used Microsoft Teams to dial in and then used your link to watch it live.

I watched it in my home office to make sure the WiFi worked!

How did you feel when your name was announced?

I was taken aback because I didn’t expect the Payer Engagement Award winner announcement to be up first, then to get shortlisted and then to hear my name being called was a shock really – it didn’t seem real!

What was lovely though was that my phone started to ping with messages from other Novartis colleagues who hadn’t entered the Pf Awards, but were following on Twitter, which was unexpected support and hugely appreciated.

I was even more shocked to discover my name being called out for the winner of the Outstanding Performer Award at the end, as I had not realised this was a category! It feels like a great achievement and I feel very proud to work for Novartis.

“I am a very driven individual who puts all my energy into completing projects which are usually bespoke to match the needs of the NHS”

Were you expecting it?

No, definitely not! Winning once then twice was a total shock!

Why do you think you won?

It’s always difficult to know how well you come across at events like these. I would like to think the piece of work I did was acknowledged as a challenge but something worthwhile across a system level. I am a very driven individual who puts all my energy into completing projects which are usually bespoke to match the needs of the NHS.

What I love about working for Novartis is that they listen to new ideas and help you develop these into fruition. They are not afraid of taking balanced risks with you to try something new. This is a very refreshing way to work and means we earn the respect of our NHS customers early on and develop long-term relationships.

How was the Pf Awards Assessment Day?

It was a whistle-stop tour! I was in the middle of training and had been in London the day before and Manchester the day after. There was a major accident on the M1 and at one point I didn’t think I would make my slot! The judges were all very friendly and made me feel relaxed in the room itself, and it’s a fantastic venue overlooking Leicester City football ground.

What are you hoping the win will do for you?

I hope it gives me, and others at Novartis, the courage to challenge ourselves to do something different in our jobs. Having the confidence and faith to deliver a project whilst overcoming complex challenges, which took eight months to deliver, has been hugely rewarding. I would like to continue to develop bespoke projects that help match the needs of the NHS specifically in the franchise where I work, which is Ophthalmology.

Where will you keep your trophy?

My trophy will be kept in my office to remind me of what I have achieved in my career.

Would you recommend others enter the Pf Awards in the future?

Definitely, it’s a great opportunity to see how others from industry and cross industry see you and your work, which is why it is so valuable to have this positive feedback. Just taking part is a hugely rewarding experience and one not to be feared!

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