Generation game: A new breed of game-changing pharmacists

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Generation game: Lucy ushers in a new breed of game-changing pharmacists

It is that time of year when we have an influx of newly-qualified pharmacists working within our hospitals and community pharmacies – all passionately hoping to make a difference to thousands of lives over the course of their careers.

I hope that every new pharmacist had an exciting, enlightening and well-supported pre-registration year, in whichever business or pharmacy sector they chose to work.

It is also good to welcome all those trainee pharmacists fresh out of university, who are just beginning their pre-registration year. These individuals are masters of their own destiny and what they get out of their pre-registration year will only be as good as what they put in. It is a moral code that resonates throughout healthcare.

They need to ask lots of questions and volunteer for all manner of opportunities, while building up local relationships with other healthcare professionals. Introducing themselves to local GP surgeries, and drug and alcohol teams, and explaining how pharmacies can support their goals, is a really bold step in showcasing the possibilities of pharmacy in the wider community.

Pharmacy managers will be very grateful if new recruits can secure additional prescriptions or more substance misuse clients. It will also build up pharmacist confidence in communicating, which is key to being an exceptional pharmacist. Ultimately it’s about creating a new breed of confident, multifaceted pharmacists that galvanise their community.

Time waits for no man and we have already started interviewing for our 2017–18 pre-registration training year and had some exceptional candidates among them. At Superdrug we only take around 40 trainee pharmacists, so that we can ensure they are given ample and individualised support.

We run a year-long program, which is structured in such a way that all our trainee pharmacists – from all corners of the country – meet up for a one week residential, every three months. This allows them step out from the pharmacy counter and concentrate on their development and training plan. Activities include inhaler technique training to support respiratory MURs, law and ethics lectures and practical workshops such as ‘how to measure and fit a stocking’ and accredited first aid training. 

If anyone is interested in pharmacist job opportunities go to or sign up to work as a locum for us at 

Lucy is Clinical Governance Manager at Superdrug. Please note, these are Lucy’s personal views and do not necessarily reflect those of the Superdrug business.