Blog: New Year’s revolution

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 New Year’s resolutions around the country are currently been broken as employees again forget to send their CV off to one of the various internet jobs board – or even  – and apply for that new job which will make everything better in 2012. Except, in all likelihood, it won’t.

Figures recently released from the Office of National Statistics confirmed what the majority of us already know: the jobs market in the UK is extremely fragile and looks set to remain so for the foreseeable future. The risks of applying for a new position at another company and leaving behind a stable job far outweigh the benefits it would seem.

But is there another way of increasing job satisfaction without having to write a resignation letter and go through another morning of introductions and cautious welcomes by new colleagues? The answer is yes. With companies cautious to approve widespread salary increases more are turning to improving satisfaction and moral in the workplace.

Employers such as Carlsberg – probably the best – BT and The Police Service of Northern Ireland have all introduced employee well-being programmes which have resulted in driving performance levels and delivering business success. But this approach is nothing new for pharmaceutical companies.

Using Pf’s annual Company Perception, Motivation and Satisfaction Survey disgruntled medical sales staff have been venting their frustrations and revealing what they believe is the good, bad and ugly side of the pharmaceutical industry for the past ten years. The results not only give respondents the chance, behind the shield of autonomy, to have their say about what they’d change in their company, but the opportunity for employers to make the changes staff say will improve moral and satisfaction.

So, instead of building up frustrations at your company’s substandard bonus scheme or moaning religiously at an uneven work-life balance, have your say today on the topics which matter the most. It may even work in your advantage!

Available online at or in this month’s issue of Pharmaceutical Field, for every completed questionnaire 25p is donated to a register charity.