the selling route of choice for the NHS

Creating partnerships with the NHS is a favoured route for selling. It involves finding out what particular problems the potential customer is facing and then working together to find solutions – and selling product as part of the solution.
It requires a bit more effort than simply collecting the order, but it can give significant benefits all round and allow long-term and profitable relationships to be formed.

It does mean that you have to develop a very good understanding of what is happening in the NHS. In the past this normally involved an often frustrating time searching the Internet, and never finding the real answers.

Now the required understanding is provided at your fingertips by the web-based National Health Intelligence Service. At this unique datasource not only gives access to NHS publications but, more importantly it tells you what they mean.

With NHIS you can appreciate the strategic importance of events – a basic necessity for identifying and building partnership opportunities.

Imagine, for example, that you are selling a diabetes product.
There is a range of activities on which the NHS is focusing, where the professionals often need considerable help to achieve what is required. Hence the opportunity to build a cooperative activity which lets you sell, but as a valued partner.
The table sets out a number of diabetes-related areas where action is needed and shows where in the National Health Intelligence Service you can gain access to the necessary understanding. Building on NHIS information, you can follow up the links provided to take your research onwards.