Roche and NHS Joint Working projects

Heather Parkin: Roche and NHS

How can we create a world-class system of care which fulfils the ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan? Working together holds the key.

We are at a pivotal moment in healthcare history. An unprecedented convergence of medical knowledge, technology and data science is revolutionising patient care. Roche’s vision is to ensure that the screening, diagnosis, treatment and even prevention of diseases will more quickly and effectively transform the lives of people everywhere – ensuring the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

We believe that advancements in medicines and technology will ultimately offer a route to modernising the NHS and improving patient care, yet we recognise that the current pace
of change inevitably places pressure on our complex health system.

The NHS is facing considerable challenges as it looks to create a modern healthcare system that supports our ageing population, and the rise in chronic diseases. These demands are being addressed at a time when the NHS is coping with unprecedented financial and human resource challenges.

Realising potential

It is widely accepted that nothing short of a re-envisioning of the NHS will be required to realise the true potential of these advances and create a system of care that sets an example to the world. This is an ambition that has been laid out in the NHS Long Term Plan. Such a significant change will critically require strong partnership between industry and the NHS to ensure UK patients can benefit and together we can create a sustainable healthcare ecosystem.

As a result, strategic partnerships are now a core element of our business at Roche, allowing us to work with like-minded NHS innovators who want to drive transformational change through personalised healthcare, patient self-care and commercial innovation. Our commitment ensures we can always deliver access to our ground-breaking analytics, scientific rigour, medical technology and expertise in innovative contracting in the long-term, and not just for one-off projects.

A long term, shared vision is enabling us to work together with the NHS on projects which have multiple work streams and aims to deliver world class systems of care.

A focus on value

Working with one forward thinking NHS system on models that put patients at the centre and adopting new models of care, we have been able to set out an ambitious programme of work which includes improved pathways of care, the development of a tumour board and improved access to clinical trials.

In addition, we have been working together with forward thinking clinicians and managers to define criteria for setting up an outcomes-based contracting framework for cancer treatments. The aim of this is to create a contracting mechanism that moves the focus toward the value that a patient and the NHS receives and changes the focus towards incentivising the best possible outcomes. If the pilot is successful we would look to scale this across the country. To date, we have prioritised suitable outcome measures, identified the data infrastructure which would be required to support such a contract, and identified a suitable product. The outcomes measures that have been identified are focused on those that really matter to improving clinical outcomes, patient outcomes and increasing system efficiency. The next stage in the process requires an in-depth understanding of the commissioning process and funding flows.

Partnership working can lead to increased patient benefits – better access to quality healthcare services and better healthcare outcomes.


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