Market Access focus: Where are we now?

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The PM Society Market Access interest group (MAIG) recently conducted a needs analysis survey to provide a view of the current market access landscape from an industry perspective and establish their current needs.

The objectives of the survey included determining how well market access is understood (personally and by employer organisation), to assess the variance in perceptions of the definition of market access and determine the main challenges and emerging trends in market access.


The main challenges facing participants currently working in market access are:

  • Budget / pricing pressures
  • Access to key decision makers (e.g. heads on medicines management within CCGs)
  • Constantly changing NHS structures and responsibilities
  • Inertia within NHS and reluctance to engage

The definitions of market access are extremely varied, with the main themes emerging as:

  • Patient access to the right medications
  • Re-imbursement at national and/or regional levels
  • Optimisation of opportunities
  • Removal of policy barriers


Survey conducted by Ram Patel at Brainsell on behalf of the MAIG.