Market access focus: The Biosimilars Battle

Biosimilars vs originators

hands holding matching drug containers to show adalimumab biosimilars

Read this article in our Pf Magazine Market Access Special Edition here. 

In 2017, Adelphi published research around biosimilars to assess the overall impact on patients, payers and physicians, along with the commercial implications for pharma. Although things are constantly moving on, some interesting insights emerged.

While traditional market access has been about new product entities and new indications, as the biosimilar market develops the market access landscape is also changing much faster than ever before. Why is this dynamic changing and how and where are biosimilars already impacting on our UK market?


The price advantage of a biosimilar over originator is typically around 30%

89% of UK payers now positively endorse use of biosimilars across a range of therapy areas


The impact on pharma

  • Many major pharma companies are investing themselves in the development of biosimilars.
  • Companies are rigorously defending their own branded biologic patents while also developing biosimilar versions of competitors to take to market.
  • Originator brands are cutting prices and making significant cuts to Beyond the Pill services to enable discounted prices.

Ask yourself

  • Is your value story right?
  • What evidence are payers looking for?
  • How can you differentiate your offering?

With thanks to Adelphi Research UK for use of material.