Brands by numbers: Launch excellence in an increasingly specialised world

Brands by numbers: Launch excellence

As the focus turns to specialist therapy areas and competition increases, achieving a successful launch is becoming even more challenging.

IQVIA’s white paper, ‘Launch Excellence V Surviving and thriving when launching in an increasingly specialised world’, delved into a decade of insight to understand today’s launch environment drivers, and how quality of preparation, not just quantity, lays the foundations of an excellent launch.

A developed markets game

86% of the first five years’ sales of New Chemical Entities launches since 2005 came from just seven countries: the US, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Spain and Italy.

IQVIA’s first Launch Excellence white paper analysed launches back to 1995, an almost Jurassic era when the big beasts of the pharmaceutical launch world were primary care, mass market products. All of these products were blockbusters in the billion dollars/year sense of the term but were very different to today’s tranche of launches, whether excellent or not, as Figure ‘Launches by company’, below, outlines.

Data reproduced with kind permission of IQVIA.