Wirral CCG under fire over pay rises

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CCG News NHS Wirral CCG has been criticised after a new 5% pay rise was approved for senior members of its leadership team.

The increase will see part-time Chair Dr Phil Jennings and Chief Clinical Officer Dr Abhi Mantgani receive salaries of £112,000 and Mark Bakewell, Chief Financial Officer, will earn £94,500 a year.

Margaret Greenwood, a campaigner for Defend the NHS, called the agreement “utterly inappropriate” at a time when many public service workers were facing only a 1% pay increase.

The decision was made to award the new pay deals at a meeting held before the organisation took on its new commissioning responsibilities on 1 April. The deal was recommended in a report prepared by Mark Bakewell as instructed by Dr Jennings. However, it’s believed that none of recipients of the pay increases voted on their individual packages.

The CCG said the improved contracts were a result of “complexity factors” surrounding the commissioning landscape in the area.

No national guidelines have been published on the pay restrictions for chair and chief clinical officer positions. But Defend the NHS said the money should’ve been used to commission new services instead of paying senior managers.

“This seems completely wrong,” said Margaret Greenwood. “This is money taken out of the NHS by people who are supposed to be managing it.”

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