UKIP launch NHS policy

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UKIP’s Health Spokesperson Louise Bours has launched the party’s Health Policy.

Ms Bours pledged to invest an additional £3bn in front-line NHS services if UKIP were to win the general election. She outlined a number of pledges including:

  • Keep the NHS free at the point of delivery
  • Dementia funding of £130m per year – £650m over Parliament
  • Abolish the Care Quality Commission
  • Merge health and social care 
  • Scrap hospital parking charges 
  • Scrap tuition fees for medical students (on a means tested basis). 

In her speech announcing the policy, Ms Bours said: “The founding of the National Health Service in 1948 was a victory for the people of Britain. Quality healthcare, free at the point of delivery and funded entirely from taxation, meaning that people paid into it according to their means, for the benefit of everybody. Sixty years on, it’s the NHS itself that needs emergency care and nursing back to health.”

Ms Bours attacked the “dysfunctional targets” and “endless top-down reorganisations” imposed by the government of the day. “The establishment parties have stolen the NHS from the people in order to use it as vote generator,” she said. “They are wilfully ignoring the fact that the NHS should not be about politics, but about people – the people that work in it, but most importantly, the people that use it.”

She went on to say that UKIP policy was informed by British people, not “focus groups”.

“Our set of NHS policies are based on the experiences, needs and desires of real people that work and live outside the Westminster bubble; the people for whom the NHS is vital,” she said.