Trusts launch medicines waste campaign

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A host of NHS trusts across south east London have launched a new medicines management campaign to combat widespread drug waste and treatments being misused or taken incorrectly.

The campaign, called ‘Get the best from your medicines’, will provide tips on how to help patients use and gain the most from their medication with the aim to save up to £2 million.

Vanessa Burgess, Chief Pharmacist for NHS Lambeth, said reducing the amount of wasted medicines was “very important” to help save millions of pounds’ worth of drugs.

New measures to cut waste include residents across the region being advised to check what medicines they have at home before ordering repeat prescriptions.

During visits to hospital residents are advised to take their medication with them and take any unwanted drugs to a pharmacy for safe disposal. Residents are also urged against stockpiling any medication.

Additionally, patients taking medicines for a long-term illness can now receive a free review via an appointment with their pharmacist.

“We know from talking to people that there are many reasons why people don’t take their medicines properly,” said Vanessa Burgess. “They may have too many different medicines to take, or be confused about why they are taking them. By getting a medicines check up from their pharmacist, they can talk through any issues and make sure that they are taking the appropriate medication in the right quantities, at the right times, and in the right way.”

NHS Lambeth, Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham are all involved in the campaign.