Stop Smoking Wales uses ‘real life’ stories to encourage quitters

Public Health Wales launches a new campaign to encourage smokers to quit via ‘real life’ stories.

Public Health Wales (PHW) is launching a major advertising campaign in September to publicise Stop Smoking Wales, a free support and cessation service that uses ‘real life’ stories to encourage smokers to kick the habit.

Figures suggest around 21% of the Welsh population smoke, with one in two of all smokers dying of smoking-related diseases.

Dr Julie Bishop, consultant in Public Health at PHW, is leading the campaign. She said most people underestimate the risks associated with smoking and the extent to which it can shorten life.

“We know that one of the most powerful ways to motivate people to quit smoking is by hearing other peoples’ stories of the dangers of smoking and the devastating effects a smoking-related illness can have,” explained Dr Bishop.

The campaign is inviting volunteers to share their own stories and experiences of life threatening illness with the service organisers to help support more people to quit.

More information is available by emailing