NHS CB completes CCG authorisation

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CCG News The NHS CB has completed its authorisation process for the 211 CCGs across England after finalising the fourth and final wave of commissioning groups.

The remaining 48 CCGs in wave four have been authorised by the Board’s assessment experts, meaning all commissioning groups are ready to take on their new responsibilities from 1 April 2013.

Dame Barbara Hakin, NHS Commissioning Board National Director: Commissioning Development, called the completion of the assessment process a “tremendous achievement”.

In total, 43 CCGs were fully authorised after they met all of 199 criteria set by the Commissioning Board. A further 168 groups were authorised with conditions, after issues were raised with certain elements of their development. Fifteen CCGs were also issued legal directions after serious concerns were raised. These CCGs will be given additional support by the NHS CB and by neighbouring CCGs to assist their development.

Commissioning groups in the first three waves of the process which were authorised with conditions will be re-assessed by the NHS CB at the end of March to check on their progress since their initial assessment. CCGs in the final wave will be reviewed in June 2013.

“CCGs are a vital foundation of a new, clinically-led NHS that is focused on delivering improved health outcomes, quality, patient safety, innovation and public participation,” said Dame Barbara Hakin.

“CCGs will have wide-ranging responsibilities with regard to patient safety and will manage very large budgets, so it is vital that they are robust and capable of making important decisions. The NHS Commissioning Board has a duty to ensure CCGs have made arrangements to deliver their responsibilities, and we take that duty very seriously.”