New integrated care centre launched in Somerset

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Frome Medical Centre A new integrated care centre offering primary and secondary care, both NHS and private, to up to 30,000 patients has opened in Frome, Somerset.

The Frome Medical Centre will house 30 GPs and a number of consultants, offering GP care, NHS outpatient care and private care services.

The aim is to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for patients in the town, removing the need for patients to travel further to hospitals and clinics.

The centre has been funded and developed by partners at the Frome Medical Practice, with each of investing £100,000 in the £10.5m project.

It will offer GP appointments and primary care diagnostic services, NHS outpatient services in minor surgery and mental health, and private pharmacy, optician, chiropractic and cosmetic surgery services.

The Centre’s building will also house a private GP practice, physiotherapist, podiatrist, acupuncturist and cosmetic surgeon.

Local GPs are expected to commission services at the new Centre, reducing the pressure on local hospitals.

Tina Merry, senior partner at the Frome Medical Practice, said the new centre has an “integrating agenda” focused on “developing services closer to home”.

“Secondary care consultants will come in here, and we will be able to work alongside them and work on pathway development to make sure we’re more integrated,” she noted.