New Biodose software system launch

Biodose software system launch

Dosecare, the medication management company, has announced it has developed new software for Biodose customers.

Dosecare, which is owned by Issa Group, a family-owned business based in the north-west of England, acquired Biodose in December 2018, in a deal which will help the group develop innovative end-to-end medication management services for the pharmacy and social care sectors.

The team at Dosecare has worked to create and test robust software to ensure pharmacies have access to a software system which is compatible with Biodose. The system is now live and will be subject to continuous improvement to ensure it delivers the best possible outcomes for customers and service users.

To ensure continuity of service for customers, on completion of the acquisition Dosecare immediately took over manufacturing of trays, pods and seals required for uninterrupted deliveries. In the near future, Dosecare will roll out a cold seal method for medication trays, overcoming the cost and maintenance challenges common with hot seal machines.

The business is also planning to integrate a Biodose-compatible electronic medication administration record (eMAR) system, digital ordering and prescription management systems.

Mehfuz Dasu Patel, new product service development manager at Issa Group, said: “Biodose is a market-leading product, and by integrating it with the rest of our group expertise we can make life easier and simpler for our customers”

Mehfuz Dasu Patel added: “Our experience with Pharmalogic and years of working in a variety of pharmacy-related businesses means we have first-hand knowledge about what care homes and pharmacies – and critically, their service users – need from products like Biodose.