Make sure you jab the children, says NI health agency

The Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland has reminded parents that childhood immunisation remains a top priority, urging all to comply.

To coincide with European Immunisation Week (EIW) (22-26 April), the Public Health Agency (PHA) in Northern Ireland has reminded parents of the importance of immunising their children, stressing that it remains a top priority for the nation.

While Northern Ireland continues to have a high uptake rate for immunisations, the PHA used EIW to remind parents of the value in immunising their children to ensure diseases remain rare.

 Dr Richard Smithson, consultant in health protection at the PHA, said: “In Northern Ireland, thousands of cases of serious illnesses and many deaths are avoided each year thanks to a highly successful immunisation process, but there is a still a small percentage of children who do not receive full protection.”

The country currently has a 98% uptake rate for the primary immunisations by the age of two, while around 92% of children have the recommended two doses of the MMR vaccine and 97% have one.

Dr Smithson said the high rates were an “excellent achievement, but I would urge the small remainder of parents whose children have not received full protection against serious illnesses, to do so.”