Haemophilia A patients extended half-life factor replacement therapy until December 2020

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All haemophilia A patients in Republic of Ireland get continued access to Sobi’s extended half-life factor replacement therapy

Sobi United Kingdom (UK) and Republic of Ireland (RoI) and the RoI’s Haemophilia Product Selection and Monitoring Advisory Board (HPSMAB) have extended the contract for the supply of Sobi’s Elocta® (efmoroctocog alfa) until 31 December 2020. This means that all people with haemophilia A (PwHA) requiring factor VIII (FVIII) replacement therapy in the RoI will continue to have access to Sobi’s extended half-life (EHL) therapy for another 12 months under the terms of the current agreement.

This contract extension is a result of positive patient feedback to the HPSMAB regarding Elocta (rFVIIIfc). Alongside the contract extension for Sobi’s Alprolix® (eftrenonacog alfa) for people with haemophilia B (PwHB) requiring factor IX (FIX) replacement therapy last year, this maintains the RoI as one of the only countries in the world to routinely offer only EHL therapies as factor replacement treatment to all haemophilia patients.

rFVIIIfc was first introduced in the RoI in 2016 and became the only factor replacement therapy for PwHA used in 2018, when Sobi UK-RoI won a tender to supply the whole of the RoI. The new extension to the agreement continues Sobi’s exclusive arrangement with the RoI and secures patient access to Elocta for all patients requiring factor replacement therapy.

Brian O’Mahony, Chief Executive of the Irish Haemophilia Society, said: “The Irish Haemophilia Society are pleased with the continued access to the EHL FVIII (Elocta) and EHL FIX (Alprolix) which we have been using since 2017. The availability of EHL factor concentrates has led to a measurable improvement in quality of life for people with haemophilia in Ireland which we reported on during the International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis conference earlier this year.”

Neil Dugdale, Vice-President and General Manager of Sobi UK and RoI, added: “Ireland has emerged in recent years as one of the leading countries for the treatment and management of haemophilia. As part of our ongoing commitment to people living with haemophilia, we are proud to be able to continue to provide sustainable access to our EHL treatments.”

Ireland’s progressive approach combines expert medical care co-ordinated across the country by the National Haemophilia Service, a very active patient community via the Irish Haemophilia Society and an inclusive approach to efficient purchasing of necessary therapies via competitive tendering and assessment.

St James’s Hospital in Dublin, in conjunction with the Haemophilia Product Selection and Monitoring Advisory Board (HPSMAB), awarded Sobi a contract to supply rFVIIIfc for the treatment of haemophilia A in January 2018 for a minimum of two years. The St James’s Hospital tender process is run according to EU procurement rules and leads the way in its multi-stakeholder approach, including formal representation of patients within the decision-making process.