Foundation Trusts must have CQC approval

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monitor new - web NHS Trusts will no longer be given foundation status until they have gone through a Care Quality Commission inspection regime, Monitor has stated.

The regulators new report on CQC inspections acts as a stern warning to NHS Trusts who are compromising quality health care services in order to meet financial targets and gain foundation status.

The report comes in support of the findings presented by Robert Francis, QC, who chaired an inquiry into Mid Staffordshire’s NHS Foundation Trust, which was found to be delivering ‘appalling’ care to its patients.

According to Monitor, no trust will receive foundation status unless it has “received robust assurance from the Care Quality Commission that applicants are providing a good quality of care for patients.”

Miranda Carter, Executive Director of Assessment at Monitor, said: “We know that these changes to the assessment system are difficult, particularly for trusts currently going through the process. But the public expects us to be sure that trusts are ready for foundation status from a quality of care and financial perspective.”

Trusts that are near to entering the application process and those already in it will be prioritised for a CQC inspection visit, and those trusts that are currently with Monitor for assessment will be split into two phases.

The CQC will provide inspections for ambulance, mental health and community trusts, which it expects to pilot in early 2014.