Easton: Private challenge ‘too good to miss’

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 Jim Easton has formally stepped down from his role as National Director: Transformation at the NHS Commissioning Board and National Director for Improvement and Efficiency at the DH.

The former QIPP boss has departed to take a role in the private sector with Care UK.

The experienced Easton said it had been a “privilege” to work for Sir David Nicholson at the NHS CB and the DH in recent years leading the QIPP agenda.

Mr Easton has served in a number of high-profile NHS roles in a career which has spanned more than a quarter of a century. He has previously served as the Chief Executive of South Central Strategic Health Authority and as Chief Executive of York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

But after a successful career within the public sector his decision to quit the NHS shocked many when it was first announced back in mid-October.

Easton said the opportunity to work for Care UK was “too good to miss” and would enable him to practise “the things I have been preaching over recent years”.

“I am looking forward hugely to the new challenges and opportunities,” he said.

“Working alongside remarkable colleagues, I have led the work to improve efficiency and quality across the NHS. I am delighted to have played my part in successfully delivering the challenge to date and creating a platform for the progress to continue.

“In recent months I have also had the pleasure of being part of establishing and developing the new NHS Commissioning Board. This really has been a great opportunity to help shape the NHS of the future and transform the way we care for patients.”

The QIPP role Easton has left will not be filled by the Commissioning Board. Instead, his responsibilities will be divided between four other national directors and SHA leader Sir Ian Carruthers. Sir Bruce Keogh’s medical directorate will be responsible for a new NHS improvement body; Bill McCarthy’s policy directorate will be responsible for strategy, including medium-term QIPP strategy; Jo-Anne Wass’s HR directorate will be responsible for the new Leadership Academy; and Ian Dalton’s operations directorate will be responsible for productivity improvement.