Dementia Awareness Week tackles disease myths

Alzheimer’s Society’s awareness-raising campaign, Dementia Awareness Week, is taking place from 15 to 21 May. This year, the campaign will focus on encouraging people across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to ‘confront dementia head on’.

During Dementia Awareness Week, Alzheimer’s Society wants to spread the word that, if people are worried about dementia, they are not alone, and support is available. The Society wants to tackle the myths and misunderstandings around dementia, and show people that life doesn’t end where dementia begins.

Events and activities will take place up and down the UK, and will be supported by celebrities Gloria Hunniford and Richard Hawley. The week will kick off with a dementia-friendly cricket match at The Oval.

New research into attitudes towards dementia diagnosis, and people’s perceptions of living with dementia, is currently being commissioned by Alzheimer’s Society, and forms part of the campaign.