Cyber threats in healthcare: What are the risks?

robot holding chess piece: Cyber threats in healthcare

FireEye have released a new report detailing cyber threats facing the healthcare industry.

The report focuses on the three types of threat most common in healthcare organisations: data theft, cyber espionage, and disruptive & destructive threats.

The report states that “In some cases, criminals seek to monetize personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI); nation states carry out intrusions to steal valuable research and mass records for intelligence gathering purposes; and disruptive threats like ransomware have the potential to wreak havoc among hospital networks and impact the most critical biomedical devices and systems.”

In the report, the author, Luke McNamara discusses a variety of findings from FireEye’s observations. Interesting findings include:

Medical research organisations — in particular those focused on cancer research — are the focus of multiple Chinese cyber espionage groups. The data is potentially being harvested for intelligence operations

A large number of healthcare-associated databases FireEye has observed for sale online. Analysts pulled a sample from the last six months, most of which can be purchased for under $2000 dollars

Details of disruptive and destructive threats such as ransomware attacks that have hit the healthcare industry

You can find the full report Beyond Compliance: Cyber Threats and Healthcare here >

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