Commissioning Board publishes CCG running costs allowances

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 The NHS Commissioning Board has published revised running costs allowances (RCAs) for the 211 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in 2013/14.

The RCA for each local commissioning body has been set at a maximum of £25 per head of population per year.

The indicative allowances published in May have been updated based on the Office of National Statistics’ (ONS) estimates of the 2013 population.

Most CCGs will receive a higher RCA than was calculated before, though some areas have seen a fall in population and hence in RCA.

The highest RCA is £21.75 million for NHS North, East, West Devon CCG; the lowest is £2.20 million for NHS Surrey Heath CCG.

The revised RCA for each proposed CCG is part of the total allocation that will be made to it in December 2012.

The figures will be updated each year as the ONS revises its population estimates for the year to come.