Board authorises second wave CCGs

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NHS_commissioningBoard The NHS Commissioning Board has authorised a further 67 clinical commissioning groups to take on local responsibilities for healthcare budgets and services.

All CCGs in the ‘second wave’ of the Board’s authorisation process were approved – although three Groups will be given ‘intensive support’ after serious concerns were raised by the Board.

Dame Barbara Hakin, the NHS Commissioning Board’s National Director: Commissioning Development, said the “vast majority” of CCGs “demonstrated excellence” and were now ready for the “challenge of leading their local health communities”.

The three CCGs which the Board will continue to support as they continue to develop are NHS Nene CCG, NHS Herts Valleys CCG, and NHS Medway CCG.

Concerns raised by the Board include the financial modelling and implementation plan for NHS Herts Valley CCG; that the board at NHS Medway CCG builds a greater understanding and ownership of its financial plan; and that NHS Nene CCG uses nearby NHS Corby CCG as its lead commissioner for Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Nineteen of the 67 CCGs have been authorised with no conditions after they met all of the 119 criteria set by the NHS CB. A further 45 have been authorised with conditions, with the Board providing some formal support to help continue with their development.

Of the 211 CCGs across the country, the remaining 110 are now set for authorisation over the next two months. “Almost half of the CCGs are now authorised and we are moving at pace towards a clinically-led NHS that is focused on delivering improved health outcomes, quality, innovation and public participation,” said Dame Barbara.

“Authorisation is just the beginning: these new organisations will continue to develop, and I am confident patients will start to see real benefits in their local areas as CCGs begin to realise their potential.”