Beware MHRA hoax caller

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The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has warned that a mystery woman is impersonating a member of MHRA staff.

In a statement, the MHRA said: “We have become aware of some telephone calls made to a company recently from an individual claiming to be a member of MHRA staff; however this individual does not work for the agency.”

The mystery caller identified herself only as Karen Smith from the MHRA Regulatory Licensing Group and intriguingly asked to speak to the ‘Head of engineering’ regarding ‘procedural infrastructure’.

The MHRA advises staff to be watchful and wary: “We have no such employee at the agency. We know that companies are generally alert to this type of activity but please remind your staff to be vigilant.”

If you do not recognise the name of the spurious caller, take their number and contact MHRA’s Customer Services team on 020 3080 6000 to check whether the caller is genuine before you give them any information.