Better care fund to revolutionise hospital care

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Jeremy Hunt has announced that better care fund plans must share risk between hospitals and commissioners to prevent the acute sector from losing out if they fail to deliver. 

In a speech to the NHS Confederation Conference in Liverpool, Mr Hunt described the project as a crucial means of making the NHS more sustainable, alongside the emphasis of patient safety and NHS England’s plan to give CCGs a greater role in commissioning primary care. 

It is vital that hospitals do not lose out under the better care fund project. Hunt is confident that risk sharing will in fact protect hospitals from better care fund failure. 

Hunt said “I will say this, it’s much easier to make the argument of extra funding if we really have been innovative and done everything we can to eliminate waste.” 

A proper risk sharing profile will be in place in all better care fund plans, to ensure that regulations are followed correctly.

Hunt is enthusiastic that this could revolutionise hospital care as we know it. He said “Unsafe care is one of the most expensive things you can do. It is probably the single biggest waste of resources in the NHS”. He admitted that the NHS was already “running hot” dealing with thousands of referrals and operations to pursue patient safety and welfare.