ABPI responds to investigation into industry payments

This morning, The Times published an investigation into the transfers of value received by healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organisations (HCOs) across Europe from the pharmaceutical industry.

Karen Borrer, the ABPI’s Head of Corporate Communication and lead for Disclosure UK – the pharmaceutical industry’s database of payments and benefits in kind made to UK HCPs and HCOs – said:

“Pharmaceutical companies work with healthcare professionals and organisations to research and develop medicines and treatments to improve the health and wellbeing of patients. Under the ABPI Code of Practice, companies must publish details of payments and benefits in kind which HCPs and HCOs receive in relation to this work, either against individual HCPs where they have permission to do so, or as a total sum where they do not.

 “Details of industry’s payments and benefits in kind are published annually and are available on the publicly accessible Disclosure UK portal. Last year, 65% of HCPs gave their permission for companies to publish details of the payments and benefits in kind they received from industry and 82% of payments and benefits in kind not related to R&D were disclosed on a named, individual healthcare professional and organisation basis.

“Whilst we are pleased with this level of openness from these individual HCPs, we are committed to improving transparency through self-regulation and are working closely with NHS England, Royal Colleges and professional bodies to encourage even more UK healthcare professionals to disclose details of payments and benefits in kind they receive from industry.”