Most GPs are anxious about patient trust

More than half of GPs see accusations of conflicting interests as the greatest danger of the new CCG system.

NICE says social care for dementia is ‘patchy’

NICE has described the existing social care provision for people with dementia as ‘patchy’ and struggling to catch up with the increased demand.

DH takes steps to improve patient safety

Hospital ratings and a “duty of candour” for the NHS are among the measures announced by the Department of Health in its response to the Francis report.

NHS Commissioning Board rebrands as NHS England

The NHS Commissioning Board, the ‘quango’ entrusted with managing the new NHS, will be known as NHS England from 12 April 2013.

High mortality rates typical of Welsh district hospitals

The majority of district general hospitals in Wales have mortality rates above the predicted level, according to health board figures.

Expert predicts CCGs are doomed

A health expert has predicted that the failings of CCGs will see them replaced after only two years by a more effective system of commissioning healthcare services.

DH launches dementia nursing strategy

The Department of Health has launched a “vision and strategy” to support and develop the contribution of all nurses to the care of dementia patients.

NHS ratings system proposed for CQC

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) should use a ratings system like the Ofsted system for schools, according to a Government-commissioned expert report.

NHS cost-cutting is avoiding service redesign

The ‘Nicholson challenge’ of NHS cost-cutting is being met through “short-term fixes” that block service redesign, according to the Commons Health Select Committee.

NICE will have key role in value-based pricing

NICE will be responsible for assessing the value of medicines in the new value-based pricing (VBP) system to be implemented in 2014.

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