What does it take to win a Secondary Care Specialist Award?

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What does a winner look like?

We ask past winners and judges of the Pf Awards what it takes to win a Secondary Care Specialist Award


Just what does it take to be the best? Winning a Pf Award is the ultimate accolade for individuals working in the pharmaceutical sales industry who want to test themselves against their peers and demonstrate how they perform under pressure. Since 2001 the awards have become widely recognised as the definitive achievement for representatives operating in the areas of sales and medtech. Winning a Pf Award represents a major career highlight and Pf Award winners go on to scale ever greater heights in our highly-competitive industry.

This year, we’re introducing two entirely new Pf Award categories – The Best Newcomer Award and The Cross Functional Team Award – bringing the total number of categories up to 15. Entries open in September. Go to pfawards.co.uk and take your first step to finding out what it really means to be a winner, just like Shane Elder, winner of the 2009 Hospital Representative Award (now New Representative Award).



Annie Dingley

Regular Pf Awards Judge



The main challenge when entering the awards is managing and using your emotions productively. Our emotions and thoughts determine our behaviour – what we do, what we say and how we say it. If you feel anxious or excited, it has the potential to sabotage your call. This is something I see regularly when coaching in the field and is the biggest factor in inconsistent performance.



Spend some time before the Pf Awards identifying what you are feeling before and during calls, what prompts those emotions, how it impacts on your behaviour and the outcomes you get. To excel in the New Representative category you need to be human! Aim to have a peer-to-peer conversation and understand the challenge from the customers’ point of view.



The key to winning an award is to create emotional urgency for the customer to do something differently for the patient. Use questions to understand the ideal outcome for the specific patient or patient group. Also, control the impulse to jump in with the solution before fully exploring the current situation.



Winning a Pf Award is like a seal of approval. Within your organisation you will be sought out for extra projects, secondments and promotion. On a CV it is a short cut to interview.



Shane Elder

2009 Hospital Representative Award



To be successful I believe it is important that you are not only delivering results for the company you represent, but you are also fully committed to your own personal development. Having a well-rounded set of competencies that you consistently perform well against, will definitely help you stand out.



You should aim to have fun. If you are relaxed on the day, the assessors will get the chance to know you. Take time to understand the process, speak with candidates who have experience and enter the process with confidence, as you are there on merit. You should expect to meet lots of wonderful and talented peers from different organisations so take the time to say hello.



Winning a Pf Award can act as a real catalyst for your career. Just being nominated shows that what you do matters. Winning an award is real accolade which your company will recognise, and it stays with you as you move forward on your chosen career path.



I was fortunate enough to be given my first Regional Business Manager opportunity two weeks after winning – my career goal was always to work in a leadership position. I have now worked in a variety of national management roles across sales and market access. The Pf Award still sits in my office at home as a reminder.