Pf Award Winners: This is Your Life




Alison Duncan

Secondary Care Specialist 2017 and Outstanding Performer 2017


In a new series we look at how winning a Pf Award transforms every aspect of a winner’s life, not just the professional side…



I’ve been in this amazing industry for over 20 years and this was the first time I had ever entered the Pf Awards. I saw it as a real opportunity to challenge myself and so, with a combination of self-doubt and excitement, I entered the room of the assessment centre, and faced whatever challenges lay ahead. During the process, I was given an opportunity to be benchmarked, but also to share my passion about the impact industry can have on patients’ lives, and the HCPs that directly serve those patients. I conveyed this by being true to my beliefs and, pivotally, being myself. I relied on the experience I had gained in the last two decades, and found the confidence to be myself. Therein lies the biggest impact that winning an award has had on me – confidence. As a result, I continue to raise the bar with all interactions I have and this has opened many doors.



From a professional point of view, AbbVie places a huge focus on continued personal development, actively seeking to continue developing their employees and providing a culture of openness and transparency. At this company, I already felt I had a voice, however, this year I have been given access to business coaches, courses and one-on-one time with the leadership team, where I feel my capabilities are fully recognised. I now have a much clearer vision about my next career step and feel highly supported in reaching those goals over the next couple of years.



The increased confidence has also impacted my overall daily life. Striking the balance between the demands of a busy job and those of a hectic family are not always an easy task! I was managing the two reasonably successfully, but the focus on my own health had become bottom of my to-do list. Winning the Pf Award prompted me to reassess all areas of my life. In my youth I had been a competitive swimmer and a grade 8 pianist, and I had forgotten how much I loved those hobbies so, in the last nine months, I have dived back in the pool and am on track to reach my health goals in a couple of months. I am also back as chairman for a youth community choir where I get to share my love of music with children and watch their own confidence improve every week.    


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