Pf Award Winners: Cate Oliver

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In a new series we look at how winning a Pf Award transforms every aspect of a winner’s life, not just the professional side…


Cate Oliver

NHS Recognition Award 2016


I won the Pf Award two years ago, alongside my Apodi colleague, Melissa O’Reilly. It recognised the vital work we carried out in the areas of atrial fibrillation and stroke prevention, in partnership with Herefordshire CCG, and sponsored by Bayer. This memorable victory, and being a top candidate in the Clinical Nursing Award, were the pinnacles of my career. To say it was a shock is an understatement! The whole process was inspirational, from the incredibly challenging Assessment Day to the tremendous excitement of the Awards Dinner. Also, to be networking among hardworking, motivational and successful peers, was an honour I’ll never forget.



Professionally, it gave me a huge boost to be recognised by my peers. The programme made an immense impact on patient lives, and it was really important to me that people could see the difference it was making. It also gave me the self-belief and determination to succeed, and proved to me that hard work and drive can make a huge difference. After winning the award I moved on, was promoted to working on an anticoagulation programme with IQVIA and, this month, I started a new chapter of my career as a Clinical Implementation Specialist in Infection Control with Ecolab Ltd.



Post-award, the changes are enormous. My family spent the first few weeks after I won being told that they were living with an award winner! It gave me an enormous sense of pride, but also more self-confidence, a bigger zest for life and the appetite to take on personal challenges. Since winning the award I have taken up walking, lost four stone in weight and am now fitter and happier. I have even joined cake decorating classes and become more creative. Winning the Pf Award changed my life – the passion and hard work paid off, and my life has new focus.   

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