Idis CEO joins board of genetic disease organisation

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natalie_douglas, Idis web Natalie Douglas, CEO of UK drug access specialist Idis, has joined the Board of Directors of the Global Genes | RARE Project.

Douglas’ experience with Idis has made her a valued addition to the Project, a patient advocacy organisation for people with rare and genetic diseases.

For 25 years, she has led Idis in working with pharma and biotech companies and healthcare providers to develop managed access programmes for drugs in areas of unmet medical need.

“We are honoured to have Natalie join our Board of Directors; her passion and commitment to rare disease and its community is more than evident in all she does both personally and professionally,” said Nicole Boice, President, Global Genes | RARE Project.

Douglas commented: “Addressing the unmet medical needs in the rare disease community is especially challenging. The Global Genes | RARE Project has created a much-needed voice for these patients and their families.”

The Project offers programmes to educate and support patients, advocates, foundations and other organisations concerned with rare and genetic diseases.

Based in Weybridge, Idis partners with drug companies to provide access to medicines for patients with unmet medical needs, outside the formal approval and commercial routes but in compliance with regulations.

In 2012, Idis helped more than 720,000 patients, including many with rare diseases, gain access to drugs. The company works to make drugs available to patients at various stages of their life cycle, including pre-approval, post-market exit and during production shortfalls.