How to present an engaging webinar for HCPs

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When you want to connect with several healthcare professionals in various locations, a webinar is the obvious answer: it enables organisations to engage with numerous practitioners in one go, wherever they happen to be, at a time of your choosing.

Attendance numbers are important, but it’s not the only factor you should be looking at. If your delegates aren’t engaged, it’s unlikely they’ll have achieved any of the desired learning outcomes. Here are a few essential tips for maximising engagement.


1. Develop an effective workflow process

Webinar planning often involves communicating with busy key opinion leaders, while also managing approval processes. So, it’s important to ask: what needs to be done and by when? Build in the appropriate timelines and make sure everybody involved is aware. E4H uses an intuitive project management tool, which allows us to share updates with clients from conception to delivery.


2.  Set clear KPIs and goals

E4H clients have set goals that they want to achieve. We always agree on a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) with clients which go beyond registration numbers. For example, how can we use webinar materials post-event? We’ve invested in the latest webinar technology to track KPIs during and post-webinar, incorporating traditional feedback techniques like forms or surveys.


3.  Use in-webinar polls to maintain engagement

It’s always a good idea to engage with delegates throughout the webinar with polls and resources. What existing knowledge do delegates have of the topic? Has it improved by the end of the webinar? You might also use polls to gauge who your audience is. This enables speakers to position their session effectively and engages delegates from start to finish.


4. Choose the right day and the right time

As healthcare professionals are increasingly busy, we ensure our webinars run at a convenient time, allowing for a maximum number of delegates. This may be lunchtime for some sectors, or first thing for others. Either way – do your research. E4H’s experience means we have a comprehensive understanding of our audience, from a group of secondary care specialists, to over 500 GPs. Rachel Cresswell is Sales and Marketing Manager at E4H and Pharmafield.


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