Four ways to create a standout brag file

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What is a brag file and why do you need one? If you’ve bagged yourself an interview at a great pharma firm, you’ll need a brag file. Also known as an achievement file, this essential tool is a collection of evidence of your achievements, abilities and career highlights, which supports your CV and gives you plenty to talk about at interview.

Here’s what you should include in yours to maximise your impact:


1. Documents

Include the originals of your ABPI certificate and degree certificate in your file. Also dig out your driving licence and passport as evidence of identity. Bring copies of all your documents to leave with the interviewer.


2. Sales data

Interviewers will be looking for candidates who can demonstrate impressive and consistent sales results. Focus on your most recent successes and make sure that you can explain the data that you’re showing to them, along with evidence of where you are in league tables.


3. Endorsements 

Ask your manager and colleagues for written feedback on your performance, skills and achievements. Include written evidence of your performance reviews and appraisals as well as the results of 360 feedback to further support your personal endorsements. If you have thank you letters or email print-outs from satisfied customers include these too. These help to demonstrate how your people skills and customer service talents help you to achieve your sales results.


4. Evidence of awards

If you’ve been awarded accolades for your performance and results, add the certificates to your file. Be prepared to talk about what you did to achieve your awards, what it meant to you to win, and your strategy for ensuring that it was you who would stand out as the winner.

Organise your file in such a way that you are familiar with it and can easily refer to it and produce relevant evidence to back up what you’re saying.

The interviewer/s may want to keep a copy of your brag file, so make sure you bring spare copies. Keep it professional and polished: print your documents on high quality paper and put them in a smart folder. Don’t forget to add your contact details. It’s all about making yourself memorable for the right reasons.


You know what they say about blowing your own trumpet? If you don’t, no one else will!