Experienced oncologist joins Commissioning Board

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 Sir Mike Richards, the Department of Health’s National Cancer Director, has joined the NHS Commissioning Board in a key clinical position.

The leading oncologist will take one of the critical leadership roles on the board and oversee the improvement of England’s mortality rates from major diseases.

The aim is outlined as ‘domain one’ in the NHS Outcomes Framework. It is expected there will be four other directors who will oversee the improvement of the Framework’s other four domains.

The former chair of the National Cancer Research Institute was chosen for his combination of clinical credibility and ability to navigate NHS politics.

It’s understood that the majority of other national clinical directors have been excluded from applying for similar positions due to their civil service contracts.

Employees working in hospital trusts or in or in primary care and not for a PCT have also been excluded from applying due to the Commissioning Board’s human resources policy.