Encouraging talent across the pharma industry with Pf Awards

Andrew Armes: supporting and entering the Pf Awards

Andrew Armes, Head of Talent Acquisition at Roche UK, shares Roche’s motivation for supporting and entering the Pf Awards.

What are Roche’s aims and objectives?

At Roche we believe life is incredibly precious and every day we strive to solve some of the greatest and most complex health challenges facing humanity. We discover, develop and manufacture innovative solutions which detect and treat disease where there is the greatest medical need. Our core diagnostics and biotechnology businesses work collaboratively and use data in novel ways to deliver personalised healthcare, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual patients. We help millions of people all over the world live longer and better lives every hour of every day and we’ve been writing scientific history for over 120 years.

Diversity and inclusion are a high priority at Roche and are the engine of our innovation. We think beyond physical characteristics to the qualities that make each person unique. We’ve created an inclusive workplace where each individual is respected and can contribute their skills, experiences and perspectives fully. This directly enhances our passion for bringing targeted treatment to patients.

“We want to show our commitment to encouraging all talent across the healthcare industry”

Why do you enter candidates into the Pf Awards?

We enter candidates into the Pf Awards to celebrate this brilliance in service of Roche’s purpose. We want all employees to be developing towards being the best version of themselves as well as enjoying that journey. These sorts of opportunities are a great way to show our strengths and passion and inspire others to shine, find their passions and understand that as much as we are doing deeply important work for patients across the world, we need to celebrate and enjoy our efforts as well.

The Pf Awards are also a great way to broadcast to the wider world the work that Roche does and why. If talented individuals are perhaps considering their next career move, seeing the awards we win might just make them think about joining Roche when they might not have. It’s also a talent marketing channel for us.

You also sponsor the Pf Awards, why is that?

We sponsor the Pf Awards as well for several reasons. On one level, we want to show our commitment to encouraging all talent across the healthcare industry to stretch themselves, to grow, and to be recognised for that commitment to excellence in our industry. On another level, it allows us to connect with other influential individuals and organisations in the healthcare system through Pf, the Pf Awards and the Pf Awards Steering Group. We know the team behind Pf and the Pf Awards are passionate about excellence in the field and being part of this group allows for ‘spin-off’ co-creative initiatives and ideas to develop.

And, of course, after all the hard work, it’s nice to join others across the industry, put down the commercial considerations, the purpose of our work, and have a great night.

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