Caroline Wilcher offers quick tips for career progression

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Career high fives

Caroline Wilcher, Recruitment Director at Ashfield, offers quick tips for career progression. 


1. Hit your targets 

It sounds obvious, but this is a target-driven industry – you’ve got to deliver.


2. Own your development

A good employer will support you, but be proactive; put yourself forward, shadow those above you and take time to find out what the next step really involves.


3. Make the most of your current role 

Don’t run before you can walk. How can you get more from your role before you look to move on?


4. Think laterally 

Sometimes you have to move sidewaysto move forwards – be open-minded.


5. Find the right match

You’re ambitious, but is your employer? What’s their development programme like? How do they treat employees? Are they heading in the right direction? 


Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare, have been experts in recruitment for more than 20 years, sourcing and developing the highest quality individuals at all levels for their clients. Caroline heads up an experienced recruitment team who are all APBI qualified and have a deep understanding of their clients’ needs.